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This Ukraine opal ring has both yellow and blue opal in the opal channels and has a tungsten carbide ring core which is one of the hardest metals in the world making it fit to last a lifetime.


Being a Ukraine flag ring £10 is donated to the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal with each sale, this helps provide food, water, shelter and healthcare to refugees and displaced families. So you are not only getting a beatiful ring you are also supporting families in Ukraine. 


This stunning ring is lovingly handmade with each opal piece carefully arranged. It has 2 varieties of opal which have colour shifting properties meaning when light hits it at different angles the colours shift, making it a wearable piece of art! 



The opal I use is lab-grown opal which is very different to 'fake opal' which is just resin and dyes. The main difference is it has been grown for over a year in labs in layers which helps give the light refracting and shimmering properties. I used this opal as opposed to mined opal as it has the same qualities but it is more sustainable, ethical andcost-effective meaning I am able to make the rings for affordable prices.

Ukraine Flag Opal Ring

    • £10 is donated towards supporting Ukrainians. 
    • The ring is 8mm wide and has rounded comfort fit edges.
    • Tungsten carbide outer core with yellow and blue opal inlay.
    • Since every ring is handmade no two rings are the same but will still be very similar to the pictures.
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